BORN in Antwerp in a Jewish-Lebanese family, Alberto's first passion for photography started at his 13th birthday when he received his first camera.

Though his main work is as a diamond trader in the famous diamond industry in Antwerp, his love for photography increased within the years.

Where his pictures vary from PORTRAITS, to landscapes, to parties, his biggest pleasure became 'night photography', which he practised in the U.S. and in DIFFERENT CITIES as PARIS, ARLES, JERUSALEM, AMSTERDAM and ANTWERP.

After having participated to “les rencontres de la photography” in Arles (summer of 2015), Alberto Saleh decided to focus his work on analogue photography, especially in black and white. By doing this he wants to go back to the basics of photography.

The subject that he has chosen for his work is Happy People.

Meanwhile he continues his passion for studio photography. In a few of his works he combines this with Neonart. All this work is done in his own new studio, situated in the heart of Antwerp. Some of its pictures are exposed there.

The highlight of 2015 was the official handover of “house of lights” to the major of Antwerp, Bart de Wever. The picture symbolizes the multicultural of the city of Antwerp and the 450 years of existence of the city hall of Antwerp.

Alberto is constantly renewing his ways of photographing using the latest technics and following different courses.

Hope you will enjoy HIS WORK!